Getting Started with Jetson TK1

Jetson in box

First time login and make sure your Jetson don't have failure:

Using Jetson TK1 like PC
Remote connection / Remote connection without router
Serial console


Preparing System:

Jetson TK1 Development Pack (JetPack TK1) flashs your Jetson TK1 with lastest OS images and installs all software tools.
Following methods were used before JetPack was released.
If JetPack doesn't work, you might try them.

Updating system using internet
Install OS in external storage(SD card, USB Flash/HDD/SSD or SATA HDD/SSD)(Not tested)
(Install OS in SATA storage)
(Install OS in SD card)
Prepairng without internet and updating

You can find how to install CUDA and OpenCV on here.
And you find CUDA Toolkit and OpenCV4Tegra packages on here.


Tips for beginners
How to update driver(Not tested)
How to Install VirtualGL and TurboVNC to Jetson TK1(Remote desktop server with OpenGL support)

Jetson TK1 related links

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Some Jetson Web Links
Official Wiki
Official Jetson TK1 Blog
Embedded Tegra & Jetson TK1 forum

Android on Jetson (Forum topic, Demo video on Youtube )
Jetson TK1 "The Grinch" Custom Kernel
Build own kernel for Jetson TK1
Display Port/Expansion on Jetson TK1(Work in progress)