Remote connection

Jetson with LAN

You can login to Jetson TK1 without connecting display to it.



  1. Connect Jetson TK1 to your router
  2. Connect AC adapter to Jetson tk1
  3. Jetson boots as soon as you connect AC adapter.
  4. Check connection to Jetson tk1 with command "ping tegra-ubuntu" from host PC in same local network.
  5. If "ping tegra-ubuntu" failed and you think Jetson TK1 is connected to your network, you can get IP address of Jetson TK1 with following command.
    In linux:
    (not tested)
    nmap -sP -n
    for i in 192.168.1.{1..254}; do ping -c 1 -w 1 $i && echo $i >> log; done
    In windows:
    for /l %i in (1,1,254) do ping -w 1 -n 1 192.168.1.%i && echo 192.168.1.%i >> log
    log file contains a list of IP adress of PC in your local network.
    If a IP address of your Jetson TK1 is "", add following line to /etc/hosts. Then, you can use "tegra-ubuntu". tegra-ubuntu
    (If a IP address of your Jetson TK1 was changed, you need to update the file.)
    Or you use "" instead of "tegra-ubuntu".
    (I don't know why, but ping "tegra-ubuntu" never work in my local network.)
  6. Run ssh client and connect to Jetson TK1 in host PC
  7. ssh ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu
  8. Login as username:ubuntu/password:ubuntu
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